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General terms for the usage of the internet site www.facilities.bg

Please read these Terms of Usage before using the site www.facilities.bg. These general terms form a CONTRACT between you and Public Services OOD, in which you receive the right to use free of charge the site’s services for personal and non commercial purposes when adhering to the terms lay out below. By accessing the site you agree to be bound by these terms and all subsequent alterations to them as well as agreeing to adhere to them. If you do not agree with all the conditions below please do not use this site.

I. Basic concepts

When referring to these general terms the concepts in it are used with the following meanings:

1) „USER“ is any physical person who uses any of the site’s services.

2)“SERVICE/s“ of the site include:
– access to the conceded through a web browser site’s resources and data;
– participation in the “comments” section of the site
– the creation and personalization of customer profiles by means of registration which gives the opportunity for access to the information resources of the site;
– receiving email bulletins from registered Users of the site.

3) „PARTNER“ is any individual with whom Public Services OOD is on contractual terms, who has the right to provide registered Users of the site additional information about the goods and services provided by its Partners.

II. General conditions

1) The current general terms are binding only in terms of the relationship between you as a USER of the site’s SERVICES and Public Services OOD.
You receive the right to use the site’s services only for personal/non-commercial purposes.

2) When you add an opinion/comment on some of the published materials, you agree to adhere to the Rules for Writing Comments. Public Services OOD does not bear responsibility for the opinions expressed by you.

III. Copyright

All rights are reserved. All rights to intellectual copyright on the information resources and materials published in the facilities.bg website are subject to protection under the current Law on Copyright and its related laws and their illegal usage is a violation of the law and brings with it civil, administrative and criminal responsibility in line with the active rule of law in Bulgaria.

IV. Confidentiality

1) Public Services OOD undertake to guarantee privacy of information containing personal data, supplied by online users via registration forms. This data can be released only when it is requested by state organs or official persons authorized by the law to request and gather information containing personal data and adhering to the law.

2) Public Services OOD can supply statistical information about visitor figures to the site to advertisers and advertising agencies, who keep statistics about the number of clicks on their advertising banners and links, can put together internal statistics, for the purpose of direct marketing (its own and its Partners’).

3) By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to his personal data being used for the purposes of direct marketing. The User has the right to oppose the use of his personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, by sending a written message to Public Services OOD at the address and e-mail provided for contact.

V. Limited liability

1) Public Services OOD does everything possible to maintain on site facilities.bg true, accurate and up-to-date information, but that does not mean that from time to time there will not be objective discrepancies or omissions. Public Services OOD does not accept responsibility for the consequences, including possible harm, caused by or in any way linked to the access to, usage of or inability to use this site.

2) All the information on the site is provided according to the acting Bulgarian law with no guarantees on the part of Public Services OOD for the site’s inviolability or safety from malicious attacks by third parties. Public Services OOD does not accept responsibility for the information’ completeness and accuracy, included in the websites to which this site contains links.

3) Public Services OOD has the right to compensation for all damages, expenses and claims from third parties which are a result of violations of these General Terms and/or the improper use of the site’s services.

VI. Registration

1) Public Services OOD reserve the right to give access to some services only after registration. The services are:
– Access to the sectors: news, interview, publications and the archive of facilities.bg
– making comments under the published news/interviews/publications, which are restricted to be commented only be registered users.

2) USERS have the opportunity to receive free of charge and full access to sections of the site, which requires registration, only after making an individual user profile / account. It these profiles, the USERS are obliged to providing full, true and accurate information.

3) Public Services OOD reserves the right decide whether to provide an individual user profile / account to the USER, to remove or restrict profiles which it deems to be unacceptable as well as in cases where there is reasonable doubt the current General Terms have been

4) Public Services OOD reserve the right to cease providing the aforementioned free services by publishing a statement on the site.

VII. Alterations

1) Public Services OOD reserve the right to make changes to the general terms at any time and to publish these on its website.

2) For all cases not settled by the current General Terms, the relative Bulgarian laws apply.

These terms and conditions are translated from the Bulgarian text and are provided for reference purposes only. In case of discrepancies between the two texts, the Bulgarian version is legally binding.

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